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5 Ways to Cope with Depression During Holidays

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The holiday season offers a great opportunity to enjoy and socialize.

But, even the most cheerful days can feel intimidating to some of us.

The reason for this holiday depression can be anything from the pressure to socialize, family dynamics to financial stress.

Thankfully, no matter how intense the symptoms are, a few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

In this post, we’ll be talking about 5 ways to effectively deal with depression during the holiday season.

5 Ways to Cope with Depression During Holidays

Stay Active

Sometimes, the simplest of actions can result in powerful outcomes. Simply staying active can keep holiday blues at bay.

Movement is generally an effective way to cope with the symptoms of depression.

If you can manage, go for a walk or low-intensity exercise session.

It’s not specific to the holiday season. Exercise should be a part of your routine during workdays as well.

Share Your Feelings

One of the best ways to address seasonal depression is by sharing your feelings with close family or friends.

Experts suggest keeping yourself in the company of people who you trust.

Reach out to them and talk about your feelings. It’s normal to feel hesitant as you can’t be too sure about how they’ll react.

But, your loved ones can help you snap out of the holiday blues or avoid them altogether.

Set Boundaries

Avoid spending time with people who put you down or make you feel bad about yourself or any of your decisions.

Sometimes, avoiding negative people is all you need to make drastic improvements in your overall mood.

Set your boundaries before the holiday season starts.

Remind yourself that you don’t have to attend every social event or gathering.

Try Light Therapy

Holiday depression can also arise from insufficient exposure to sunlight.

If you feel that your depressive symptoms get triggered as soon as the winter season starts, getting light therapy might help.

Thankfully, light therapy is one of the easiest ways to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

A lightbox is a great way to get some light exposure.

The good thing is these lightboxes are neither expensive nor difficult to find.

Seek Professional Help

The last, and probably the most important thing you can do about holiday depression is to reach out to a professional.

Self-help strategies can be super helpful. But, for long-term improvement, you may want to talk to a specialist.

That’s especially important if your holiday depression symptoms get severe. For instance:

· Extreme social isolation (Staying home and not communicating with anyone for long periods of time)

· Self-harm thoughts

· Suicidal behaviors

The solution, in such cases, can vary depending on the severity of symptoms, your history, and other factors.

Generally, talk therapy, medication, or a combination of both can help you get better.

Even if you think your depression isn’t severe, talking to a therapist can help you have a happier time during the holidays.

If you want to talk to a mental health specialist, West Palm Beach Counseling is here to help! Contact us to schedule your free consult today

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